Hey guys! No, I didn't disappear again I had surgery Monday on my eyes and I'm recovering :)
Nothing serious... pure vanity, I'll tell you all about it when I'm better.

(icing my bruised eyes)

I should be all better this weekend and I'm moving into my new place so stay tuned!! So many life changes it's crazy.

Love you!



talktomyshoes said...

Wishing you a speedy recovery and an easy move into your new place!

Heel, Body, and Sole said...

Hope you get better soon!! Glad to see you're smiling through the pain


MsVeve said...

Hope you're well and cannot wait to see pics of the new place.)))

xox, MsVeve

Anonymous said...

get better soon :)

Anonymous said...

Nosejob? when i had mine my entire face was bruised and swollen. If you did get a nosejob then you healed very well :)

GFS said...

Watching RHBH and saw you in the scene with Adrienne Maloof! I was all like..."I know her!"

And I totally don't!


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