Please Don't.

Ever. Stretch boots are no bueno.


Zip it Up and Go...

Off to Sunday brunch for my friend Allison's birthday! Just zip on my L.A.M.B "Noel" sandals, feed Banksy, and go! I love these shoes and today is warm and sunny enough to wear them. :)

(jeans- True Religion, tank and cardigan- B.P., bag- Balenciaga)


Um... no no.

Pour la Victorie... No no. This shoe is way too Marc Jacobs, and I don't even think the Marc Jacobs ones did well at retail. I mean, sure I bought them, but I'm a total fashion victim and I don't count. Plus, I've only worn them twice.

FURTHERMORE... if you're going to copy a shoe, at least make it cheap. Yes, at $225 it's cheaper than the original, but not by enough. I mean if you're going to spend $225 you might as well spend whatever the original was. Or at least that's how my sick mind rationalizes it. haha.

Testing, Testing...

So I wore them out last night. The sequins pants! I felt very rock n roll, as you can tell by the blackout eyeshadow and silly pose up there. 

I love them you guys, I really do. I got a lot of comments on them ranging from boys saying "Woah, what ARE those!?" to girls "OMG I wish I could wear those!" They're technically jeans with a little stretch to them. They have pockets and belt loops and everything! They're a bitch to sit down in, and if your thighs touch (mine do) they make noise when you walk- but they're totally worth it I think! I just walk a little bow legged in them and I'm fine. ;)

Well... I think you should try it out ladies! They're so fun and fabulous! Here's the link, in case. 

(tops- C&C, and American Apparel, pants- TopShop, shoes- Hale Bob)


I'm Really Feeling Sequins...

Excuse the super slut pic, though if I'm being honest I kinda love it! Hahahaha

Anyway- ever since I saw those freaking amazing McQueen leggings I've kind of built up an obsession. 
Thank you for stepping in as usual Top Shop! I definitely got my sequin fix.

I picked up this navy sequin bra, and a pair of black sequin "jeans" which I am planning to wear ASAP and will post a pic then. ;) They look very similar to the McQueens, I must say. And don't worry, I wont wear the pants and bra together.

What do you guys think?


Off to Gobble Turkey...

Stretchy pants and a blousy top are KEY for this holiday! Bet I wont be so bendy after turkey time! Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Be safe and eat LOTS!!!

I'm THANKFUL for all of you :)

(leggings- Target, top- Urban Outfitters, shoes- Louboutin)


Hush Hush, Bang Bang...

Off to get my hair done, wearing my most favorite flats of all time. My Lanvin ballets. 
Came home with BANGS! I was feeling adventurous today so I just went for it. I figure it's nice to change it up sometimes. 

(hoodie- Forever21, jeans- JBrand, hair- Allison Luth@ Hush Hush Bang Bang)


Then Again, Maybe Not...

SO I got a text "wanna meet at Cafe R&D?"

How am I gonna say no to that?
So I slipped my little rasta L.A.M.B. heels on real quick (which BTW are on sale at heels.com right now for $189)and headed over to Fashion Island.

(jeans- True Religion, shirts- B.P., bag- Balenciaga)

No Need to Get Dressed...

Today is a major serious work day. I'll be sketching like a crazy person so what's the point in getting dressed? Today I'm wearing my cozy little Paul Frank slippers and PJs.

My "office" has no dress code. :)


Perfect 10? Perfect $10!

I love heels.com and apparently, they love us back!

All shoes on their fabulous site are at LEAST $10 off! How cool is that? They have a great selection too. Check them out.

See Moms... You Have No Excuse!

One of my gorgeous friends had some family photos taken and this one caught my eye. This photo goes out to all you moms that use motherhood as an excuse to get frumpy. GET OUT OF THOSE CROCS! You're going to traumatize your children and send them down the wrong path. They look to you for guidance and that includes in the fashion department!

This mom is NOT frumpy. I love how it looks to see a mom with a young kid wearing heels. It gives me hope for my future. 

Now I know I'm going to piss some of you moms off, but just hear me out- I'm not judging you I'm just saying that YES, it is possible to pull it off. 

Thanks Jolie for the pic! Love your style girl!

Office Day with Banksy

Today I'm wearing these killer L.A.M.B. ankle boots that I have yet to wear. I love them and just haven't gotten around to them yet.
Banksy is coming with me to the office today, which he LOVES cause he can run really fast on the carpet. (we have hardwood floors so he slips if he runs too fast)

Doesn't he look cute in his little rasta sweater Ben's mom knitted for him!? He's nice and warm :)

(jeans- JBrand, top- Target, vest- Urban Outfitters)


Human Fight at the Dog Park... true story.

So Banky's first time at the Bark Park turned out to be quite the experience.

We got there around noon and there were 2 areas, like there usually is. One for bigger dogs and one for little dogs, handicapped dogs and older dogs. One of the first things I noticed was that there was a big ol Pitbull in the little dog section, but I figured that maybe that dog had little dogs in its home and that maybe they were all playing together. I didn't want to be a racial profiler (or a BREED profiler in this case) haha.

About the same time I notice the Pitbull I see this total douche bag guy, early 20's, running around playing with a bunch of dogs, but clearly a douche bag. 

So anyway- Ben and I are sitting with Banksy and he's being pretty shy, it being his first time and all... when the Pitbull sort of attacks this littler dog and a bunch of people run to break it up. Well, up comes the owner of the little dog all frantic and grabbing the little guy and she goes- "I've told you 3 times now- your dog is too fucking big to be in here! Take him over there!!"
To which the douchebag and owner of the Pitbull says- "Fuck you lady!"
Lady- "No fuck YOU! And next time your fucking dog bites mine I'll have him put down! He's started 3 fights already- get OUT!"

Then another guy from across the park sees that the guy is being a douche, and very rude I may add- all this cursing is even making ME uncomfortable... and he yells "dude, take your dog to the big dog section- there's two sections!"

The douche ignores everyone and sort of crosses his arms in protest and lets his dog run around some more. There's some serious tension at this point.

And the douche goes "You know what? Shut the fuck up! and YOU! (to the other guy across the park) You shut the fuck up too!"

SO THEEEEEEN other guy grabs the Pitbull by the collar and says "Fine, I'll take your fucking dog myself!" And then the douche lost it. He ran towards the guy "DONT TOUCH MY DOG!" and a full on fist fight broke out. It was the stupidest thing I have ever seen. A guy from the big dog park jumped the fence and started punching the douche and then Ben ran over to try to help break it up. It was like high school all over again. 

Finally the douche took a hint (and some punches to the ribs) and left.

That was my first experience at a dog park. We'll see what happens next week...

YAY! A Sale!

So Barneys just started a big ol sale today... her are my top shoe picks. Get um while they last!!!

Louboutin Pump (70's chic)

Lanvin Studded Flat (i still love these)

Fendi overtheknee Boot (sluts only) haha

Proenza Schouler sandal (as seen in SATC movie)

YSL Tribute Sandal (I cant believe it's only $400something!)

Lanvin Flat (my favorite flat of all time!)

You're welcome ;)

Off to the Dog Park...

Today I'm wearing my Frye boots. It's yucky outside but Banksy is restless so Ben and I are going to take him for his first trip to the doggie park!! I'll be a good mom and brng a camera ;)

(top- Splendid, jeans- JBrand, bag- Balenciaga)


Today I'm wearing...

Miu Miu motorcycle boots! The only good thing about cold weather is the clothes/boots!!

I'm going to my friend Chris's annual Turkey Day. He makes Thanksgiving dinner a week early for those of us who love it so much we literally can't get enough. Hopefully these skinny jeans still fit after the fact. ;)

(jbrand jeans, top and vest- Urban Outfitters)

YAY! My First Harajuku Editorial Credit!!!

It's not much, but it's my first editorial for Harajuku Lovers line!!! And it's Teen Vogue! 




This guy's been helping me write my blog. When he's not chewing on my hand, he enjoys long walks, cat poop, and laundry diving.

His name is Banksy and he loves to sit on my lap while I type. Occasionally he'll take a stab at typing himself. He also likes to sit on the remote and change the channel at crucial parts of my overly dramatic shows...

Here, I'll let him have a go-

;lkjhg  trsc ,)))p-

Well, thats all he had for us today.

Guess Where I DIDN'T Go Yesterday...

To the private sale at Christian Louboutin

I am being so good it's stupid. I really need to cut back on the almost $1000 a pair shoe habit I've got and I've been pretty good. The last pair of shoes I bought were those Jinny Kim boots that I returned 'cause they turned out to be heinous in person.

So anyway- my lovely sales person Patrick called to make an appointment for me to come in for the sale and I was going to go with my friend Heidi (she's the only friend I know who can keep up with my shopping habits) but she couldn't make it on Thursday so I took it as a sign. 

Anyway- a big toot of my own horn. A pat on my own back. Woop-de-doo.

I'm broke and just have to admit it. At least there's TopShop and Forever21 and Urban Outfitters. And do I REALLY need another statement shoe this season? I have the Trib2 and the freakin Louboutin loafer double platform thingy. And apparently my Balenciaga knock off is still covetable according to Miss Rumi (who JUST blogged about ordering them for herself). Coincidence? I think NOT.

Today I'm Wearing...

My new slutty red lipstick from NARS and my "Balenciaga" ankle boots by Sam Edelman.

These are by far my favorite knockoffs! I was so excited to see someone blatantly copy last year's Balenciaga shoe. I love it and always get tons of compliments on them. Most people don't know they are Balenciaga wannabes- they just know that they are super crazy and very different looking.

I'm in a meeting all morning with the Hale Bob girls going over sketches with Jessie, my partner in crime... er... design I mean.

(skirt- Forever21, tank- Paul Frank)


Today I'm Wearing...

So I'm sure it's painfully obvious that I am neglecting my blog because frankly, I'm grossly overworked. So I've decided a quick fun and easy thing to do is to at LEAST post what shoes I'm wearing each day. Sound good? haha
I'll be taking the pics myself with my trusty MacBook so sorry if they aren't the best pictures. You'll get the idea though.

So, here it goes. Today I'm wearing....
Hidden Christian Louboutin burgundy patent mary janes



Those of you in Orange County know how scary this is. I've never seen the sky look like this. It's almost apocalyptic. Yikes. My asthma is acting up and we can't see the sun.

My prayers go out to the hundred of people involved... I can't even imagine what you're feeling.


Square Toes and Mirrors...

So I know I posted these a while ago in Shoe of The Week, but the Jak and Jil blog just posted them at a new angle and I want to know what you guys think??
They're definitely interesting... very different. Very Balenciaga.


No Thanks Stella...

I dunno you guys. Sometimes the whole sock boot is cute, but when it looks like this... I just can't back it. If I wanted to wear a damn tube sock in my ankle boot, I am perfectly capable of finding, and if needed, laundering said sock- then wearing it.

What if I was feeling sassy on a particular day and I wanted to wear some mustard yellow socks. 

What if I don't like grey tube socks? 

What if my mother was abusive when I was younger and she would tie my hands behind my back with a pair of grey tube socks and make me watch her eat rainbow sherbet and not give me any? Stella, now you're just being insensitive. 

Anyway, if you DO like grey tube socks, paired of course with grey FAUX stingray (at $1,195 I'll go hunt a real stingray and skin it myself thankyouveryuch)... then help yourself. Don't mind me while I sit in my corner and silently judge you. They're HERE at Barneys.

Now These Are Sick...

Talk about sexy. Wow. These Rick Owens boots do it for me.

I do admit though that that "wings" above the heels are a bit weird, but I love everything else. The shape, the materials, the fit... I think even the wings can be overlooked. I mean, they're so rock 'n roll, it's stupid. 

I think you'd definitely have to be a skinny bitch to pull these off (which I am not...) so I will save these for them bitches. I will however continue to lust after them and might even photoshop my head on a skinny model body and add these boots, paper doll style. Who knows?

PS- today is my last day in China! YAY!


Ground Control to Major Tom...

Balenciaga has gone mad. And not in a good way.

Sorry B, but these shoes are shitteous. I am not digging the trend towards pointy toes. Let's leave that trend in 2003 shall we? I do NOT miss them. Almost the entire Chloe fall 09 runway show had these weird pointy toes. I really don't get it. I mean, I do realize that trends go in opposites (ex: super skinny jeans one year, HUGE flairs the next) but these are just not flattering. I want my feet to look smaller, not bigger and witchier. 

Anway, I don't like these and I can't imagine why you would, but if you do, please tell me WHY.


By The Way...

I ended up buying those flat boots, and they were shitteous. They fit SO badly and looked super cheap. I was really excited to get them too. :(
You know when you're waiting by the door for the UPS truck... like where's my package, where's my package, WHERE'S MY GD PACKAGE!?!?!

Ya... it was one of those. Then I got them and waaahhh waaaaaahhhhhh- sucky. Maybe I should have taken a picture of them to better illustrate the shittyness of them. And $400 something is not cheap. If they were as good as they looked on the website, they'd be a good deal... but for crappy boots? Naaaah.

Anyway, just wanted to clear that up. Don't buy them.

I will say something good about Revolve Clothing though... they have a 30 day return policy and free shipping to me and back to them. That's awesome and will guarantee that I will go back to them in the future. :)

Hello From China...

I'm sure you've all figured that I dropped off the plant. Well, you're kind of right.
I'm back in China slaving away at my now THREE shoe lines. I'm too exhausted to really write but will post ASAP.

Miss you all! Oh, and I hear we have a new president... crazy!


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