OMG you guys!!!

So I got my YSL's and I'm thinking of debuting them this weekend. They are even HOTTER in person (although they are also more stripper-like in person too)!
I think they are like, borderline fetish shoes cause they're so dang high.

I am loving this bright yellow sole thing it's got going on too! I had no idea it was like that. There was also a turquoise bottom, but that was without the ankle strap.

What do you guys think??


The Wellington...

So I'm sure you all know that the wellington is going to be HUGE this season, even in places like California where they're as impractical as Uggs in the summer. How often does it rain her? Like 5x a year?

Anyway, It seems like every brand is doing them, so you'll have lots to choose from. There's everyting from the plain and traditional and the young and extreme. You'll see all kinds of wacky prints and colors.

I personally love these plain wellys from Marni. I love the navy color. It's a nice go-with-everything look without being boring black. You can find them at Browns for about £85



Please don't. That's all I can say about this boot. PLEASE do not.
It's not cute. It's not funky fresh. It's fugly.

Well... maybe for a clown hooker costume? Halloween is sorta close.

No. Never mind. Just don't.


Presenting: Harajuku Lovers Fragrance!

Have you guys seen/smelled the new Harajuku Lovers fragrances?? They are SO cute and smell yumm yummy!

There are 5 different fragrances to represent each of Gwen's Harajuku girls, (Love, Lil' Angel, Music, and Baby) and one to represent Gwen herself. (called "G", Gwen's sent is a coconutty smell and is my favorite)

They're all as sweet smelling as they look and come in 2 sizes- both with the dolls as lids. I saw them at Nordstrom yesterday, ir you can find them at beauty.com, here.



For those of you who don't read the comments- I thought this may be of interest.

Anonymous said...

If you design the shoes, what exactly does she do beside have her name attached? Does she give you ideas and then you go with it to create shoes?

My answer is this...

Well, to be clear- I don't design LAMB, I do Harajuku Lovers.
The way it works is that Gwen gives us design direction and inspiration and is really specific about what she wants to see. Then we go off and design the lines and bring her samples and she corrects, changes and approves the designs. 

She is really involved, because she wants to be. Yes, she isn't TECHNICALLY designing the shoes, but I think it's in the same way that Marc Jacobs works. He doesn't design his shoe line either you know... but he is involved. You may or may not be surprised to find that many designers don't do the brunt of the design work. Once they hit it big they hire us to do it for them. ;)

Gwen's Really Rockin These Shoes...

So at Titan Industries we get updated on all our editorial credits for each line in various magazines...
Well I can't help but notice that we've gotten like a dozen of Gwen in this sandal in all the different colors.

It may be obvious to you guys... like- well duh! Of course she wears her own shoes.
Well, yea guys. It should be that obvious, but most of the time it's not. Look at Jennifer Lopez for instance. Or Jessica Simpson. Do you ever see them rocking their own shoes? No.

So I just want to say that I think its SO cool that Gwen really backs her own brand and product. It makes me proud to be a part of her whole deal. It shows that she really has an interest in it and that she's not just slapping her name on things to make a buck.

I heart Gwen Stefani. ;)



Ok, so this is my newest obsession. Her name is Kukula and she is SO stinkin' talented. I'm a huge fan of her paintings and the way she paints these adorable soft feminine girls. 

In my opinion, she's the best thing to come around since Fafi, and I hope to own one of her pieces soon.

I love  her attention to detail. I can tell she's a shoe lover because she always paints the cutest shoes on the girls. It's usually the first thing I notice when I see her stuff.

Anyway, here is her website link. Check her out- I know you'll love her!

Anchors Away!

How cute is this!? I couldn't help but get one for my dog. So adorable!! Trixie + Peanut has some seriously cute things for dogs, you should check it out for sure.

I can't wait for my sailor inspired Harajuku Lovers shoes to match Banksy's new harness!! Can you imagine? Ugh- I wanna barf already! We'll be so cute together. haha


You Wanna be a Stylist?

I LOVE crappy reality shows. The cheesier the better. I love the drama, the competition, and the crazy characters that make fools of themselves.

Well here's a show that fits the criteria! Glam God on vh1. It's hilarious, and has all the ingredients to make a lovely batch of tacky goodness. 

The show's about aspiring stylists fighting to get the title of Glam God. The stylists have challenges where they dress models to see who is the best at styling for each given situation. There are so many strange and dramatic people on this show, as you can imagine. Get a bunch of eccentric fashion people in one room and who knows what'll happen! Id' say that so far Handry is my favorite contestant. He's some kind of Hispanic and has the best accent ever. Think Birdcage... Very flamboyantly gay. Very dramatic.

And speaking of flamboyantly gay... Vivica Fox hosts and is the closest thing to a gay man without being either gay, or a man.

Anyway, I'd say this show is worth checking out if you like mindless TV. Thursdays on vh1 :)


Little extras...

So there are some days where I post multiple posts, and others where nothing is posted. I've decided to broaden my blog a bit to encompass the various things that make me tick... more than just shoes. There's more to me than just shoes, so maybe there should be more to my blog? Plus, I figure it'll give me more to talk about. 

There are lots of things that inspire me and I'd like to touch on those subjects from time to time. Things like music, books, art and clothing. My husband and his projects, my dog and his antics. My friends and my traveling... 

So anyway, I hope you all enjoy reading about more than just shoes... and if you don't- just skip the boring parts. ;)
Not to worry though, there will still be mostly shoe things since I just can't help myself from obsessing all day.


2 Shoes for the Price of 1?

How funny is this!? Two shoes in one.

I always love to hear people's ideas about new shoe inventions. They usually include some kind of gimmicky catch, like a retractable heel that can be worn high or low, or a changeable snap-on upper. Seriously, I hear these ideas often and I always smile and nod as though it were the first time I'd heard it. 

This one, whatever your opinion of how it looks is, is pretty clever. I'm still trying to work out why you would need two shoes in one, but still... cute idea.

Would YOU be Embarrassed?

So I was shopping through heels.com this morning when I ran across these shoes by "Oh... Deer!", and thought, hmmmm. I dunno.

I know that Mr. Louboutin can't hold the exclusive rights to the red sole, but we all know it's his "thing" right? I feel a little weird about these shoes having a red sole. And there are a few styles they made with red soles, all very Louboutin-esque. I also notice that all the red-soled shoes are sold out. Coinsidance? Doubt it.

Sure, they aren't a total knockoff- they're just sexy shoes... but I can't help wonder- what do you do when you're wearing these and someone goes "OOH!! I love your Christian Louboutins!"
Do you say thanks and let her believe they are the real thing? Do you correct her?

I don't know. You guys probably think I'm being melodramatic but THESE are the things I think about. What do YOU think?? Would YOU be embarrassed to rock a non-Louboutin red sole? Or would you just rock it?


Summer's Not Over YET!!

I just scooped these FarylRobin "warrior" sandals up on shopbop... ON SALE!! for $95. I love them, even though it's a little late in the season for buying them. ;)
I wore them in LA all day and I'm being totally serious when I say that they may be the most comfortable shoes I own. They're super cute AND comfy?? I see no downside. Oh! And on sale! Bonus.
They come in cream as well, which I think would be beautiful on some summer bronzed legs! I went for black... but love them both.

An Update to a Classic...

So this is this seasons new "it" shoe by YSL and I just pre-ordered mine today. 
These are seriously perfect. A great basic (without being the slightest bit boring) pump that you can wear with just about everything.  I am so excited to see these babies in person. 
The salesperson at YSL said they should be in some time next week, so hopefully they aren't delayed for any reason!! They're already sold out too. How nuts is that?
So I have high hopes for this shoe. I think we'll be seeing a lot more of her this Fall.

If you want YOURS, pre-order now at Saks!!!!


Wanna Play??

So we're going to launch a new line of high-end women's footwear, but we need a NAME! What are some of your suggestions? If you submit a winning suggestion you'll get $100! Woo hoo!
I know it's not much, but thats $100 closer to a new pair of hot shoes. ;)

Leave your suggestions in a comment! Good luck. 


Boots on the Brain...

I'm so excited for Fall and all the lovely boots that are sure to pop up. Every time I'm out and see an awesome pair I actually get excited for the chillier weather to come around. 
Any-hoo, I saw these in my Urban Outfitters catalogue this morning and was very excited. I love the little vintage inspired heel and round toe shape. I'm also really feeling the slouchyness of it all and imagining how amazing these will look with my new William Rast skinny jeans! ;) There are snaps on the boot so you can wear them up or down... a nice detail I think.
You can find them at Urban Outfitters for $125. An awesome deal if you ask me! (click the link for more detailed images)


Not My Style, and Yet... LOVE it.

So I was gettin' my hair did today and one of the hair stylists had these boots on, and though they are totally not something I would think of as "my style", she was rocking them so hard. 
She wore them with super skinny dark jeans and a snug fitting red plaid shirt with the sleeves rolled up. SO cute you guys. I always love that mix of feminine and masculine, as long as the feminine prevails. It's so cute.
These are by Fiorentini + Baker and are at Barneys for under $500, which I think is pretty great.


I'm Kinda in Love with This One...

I love Nicholas Kirkwood and this fabulous platform of his. I think I posted a shoe from last season with this same shape, but I like this on even better. 
I love how it's high up on the foot while still being opened up and sexy. 
The only thing I would change would be to make the upper in leather instead of satin, because I always feel like satin shoes aren't as wearable.
(ex: these GORGEOUS Marni shoes I bought and only wore once before they were ruined by someone carrying and umbrella, scraping the metal tip of the umbrella across my shoe and causing the material to rip.)
Anyway- check out the cool detailing. I love the pop of electric blue snake on the heel. It's sexy and unexpected.
I found these at Browns of London for £470.00


Liberachi Might Have Liked These?

Ok, so I hate these boots. I hate everything about them. I hate the outdated shape, the tacky gold color, the height, the elastic goring on the side... oh, and the heel. EVERYTHING.
Worst part? It's by Marc Jacobs. 
You guys, seriously? WTF? I feel like I'm in a time warp to 1996.
Oh Marc. I love you so much, but these? These are terrible. Maybe you need to get back on drugs? Is that it? Did rehab suck out your creativity out??

Oh blah. Now I'm just being a bitch.


I ♥ NY

Dude... you guys, seriously. 
I've been in NY for the past week and I had an amazing time! I went there for my shoe show (which BTW, means I can post pics of my shoes finally!) and I usually stay in Manhattan in some hotel close to the showroom... but this time I stayed with my friend Ana in Brooklyn (Williamsburg) and I had a freaking BLAST! Brooklyn is so much younger/cooler/fun than the city. I totally fell in love with NY. The shopping was fun and I saw a lot of rad things. I also drank more iced coffee than I've ever had. haha

Ana (Jill Stuart designer) introduced me to a couple of her shoe designer friends. It was so fun hanging out with other shoe designers, since I don't really know any around here. They were really cool chicks and it was so rad to hang out and have dinner and just shoot the shit about shoes and our crazy trips to China and all that stuff.

ANYWAY... here's a little collage of a few of my Harajuku shoes. I hope you guys like. As you can probably tell by the fact that i never post my own designs, I'm a little shy or something about it. I dunno. Anyway- here they are. Enjoy.


Sexy Sexy Sexy!

YSL has done it again. There is nothing that I DONT love about these super sexy shoes. The ankle strap is perfectly positioned and I love how the buckle is in the middle insted of on the side. The shape is sexy and flirty, the materials and colors are beautiful (sometimes gold can get tacky but this is the right kind of gold) and I love a good opened toe shoe. I'm also still loving platforms, even though we're seeing a lot more single soled shoes out there.

You can find these at Browns for about £495. 
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