Last Night...

...was AMAZING! The girls and I went and saw Sex and The City in awesome style... meaning, we were drunk. haha. 
We went to dinner first and had a total of 13 martinis and 10 shots. Then it was off to the theater where we waited in a massive line filled with girls and women and even a few guys. It was a pretty amazing sight. I don't think I've ever seen that many girls in my life!
The movie was awesome. I loved it! I totally annoyed my best friend Sascha by yelling out the names of the designers of every shoe that passed by on the screen. It was pretty hilarious. 

Anyway, I totally recommend it to any SATC lovers. It wont disappoint. CHEERS!


In Honor of Tonight's Opening of Sex And The City!

Here are some of my very favorite Carrie pics:

This is one of my very favorite outfits Carrie ever wore! I love all the color and the girlyness of it all. L-O-V-E the shoes too!

Remember these shoes!? "Hello Lover!"... These were the the first Christian Louboutins I'd ever seen. I've never been the same since ;)

Aaaah... A girl who can understand my obsession with shoes! I always had a soft spot for Carrie. She's a shoe girl, and any friend of shoes is a friend of mine. ;)



So I remember these sandals from a few years ago, so I guess Giuseppe Zanotti loves them so much he made them again. I didn't like them then and I don't like them now. I mean, who wants to wear a dead fish on their feet? And for $795 none the less. I'm not a big fan of shiny rhinestone shoes. It's all too Stuart Weitzman for my liking. Blah.
I dunno, am I missing something here?? Does anyone like this?

On a side note, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BENJAMIN! You are the best husband that ever husbanded. ;) I'm so lucky.


So Cute!

So check out these adorable canvas wedges by Castaner! They're so cute and right for Summer. I was so excited when I saw these because I actually went to shoe design school in Milan with the guy who's father started the company. Castaner is their family name, and the guy I went to school with, Rafael, was studying design in order to carry on the family business. How cool is that!?

Castaner has been credited as the company responsible for bringing the espadrille to fashion. In the mid-sixties YSL featured a pair of Castaner's high heeled espadrilles on their runway. Before that, espadrilles were considered a country folk shoe. Pretty awesome, huh?


Ok, ONE More Post Before I Go to Bed...

'cause you know I'm not posting tomorrow. I'll be too busy pigging out on BBQ.

So I got a question from an anonymous blog reader about how many pairs of shoes I own. So I decided to answer in a post.

anonymous said...
Just curious, how many pairs of shoes do you own?
I'm sure your collection surpasses mine by millions lol!

Ok, so my answer is that I'm not sure. The last time I counted was over a year ago and I was at about 200. I've moved since then and have a few (6-7) large boxes filled with shoes with fates waiting to be determined. Do I keep them? Do I give them to those who could give them a better life? Those who would love and appreciate them more than I could? 
I'm thinking of selling them. Most of them anyway. I have too many, if there is such a thing. That picture up top is of my old shoe closet in my condo, before I was married. It was 300 sq ft. of shoes. I was no Imelda Marcos, but it was amazing. Now, there's a lot less room and it's time to make some sacrifices.

Anyway, when I decide to put them up I'll let you all have first dibs. I'm an 8 1/2, sometimes 9. I've got some goodies. ;)

Lookie Lookie...

So back to Bakers one more time. SJP has been seen running around the set of SATC in this awesome Dior shoe and whadda ya know, Bakers has it covered already. And for only $69.95.

These look like they might be super cheap looking in person. It says that it's leather though, so maybe not? Anyway- just wanted to end the weekend with a nice little treat. Oh but WAIT! It's a long weekend! Yippee! Even better treat.

Enjoy your holiday :)

Another Blatant Knockoff...

It's incredible that I didn't know about all this before.  Maybe I did know and I just turned a blind eye? I mean, considering that our sister company who shares an office building with us makes shoes for Bakers, I had to have known, right?

This is a complete knockoff of my Spring favorite... the YSL Tribute sandal. I finally broke down and bought them in navy patent btw... I must have bad shoe karma! Seriously you guys. This shoe is almost totally indistinguishable as a knockoff, other than the thick rubber outsole (gross)whick you won't find on the original. Unlike with the Louboutin knockoffs, there is no signature red sole to separate the real from the fake. 

I can't decide! Is this a good thing? At only $79.95 is this the way to bring high fashion footwear to the masses? Is this how to get them out of crocs and Payless shoes? Or is this just effing it up for those of us who appreciate a well made, overpriced, beautiful designer shoe???

I'm starting to feel dizzy with all this designer knock-offery. I think I need to sit down.


My Sandal of the Day...

I just bought these on Wednesday and wore them today for the first time. I LOVE these sandals! The color is a perfect neutral that goes with anything and the dark brown snake on the insole makes it sexy and sophisticated. This may become my favorite sandal to wear all summer. 

It's funny because I thought these were cute, but not really my style... until of course I saw miss Gwen Stefani wearing them in a paparazi shot and I realized how amazing they look. Hahaha! I'm so lame. Oh well. Hey, at least Gwen wears the shoes of her namesake, unlike OTHER celebs with their own shoe lines. Eh-hem.

Anyway, you can find them on line or in stores at Nordstrom. I highly recommend them. :) I'm pretty sure Gwen does too.

ALDO gets it...

Here we go again! I found some more super cute, super wallet-friendly shoes. I was looking at ALDO again and I found these gems. They look a lot like my Christian Louboutin slingbacks! And what a sexy nude patent color. Wow. At $74.98 it's a no-brainer. 

I'll have to see how my Nine West shoes feel and fit before I buy any more cheap shoes. I'm a little weary to be honest. Is that lame? Am I a shoe snob??


You Guys Have to See This...

The Shoe Girl Blog reader Margaret just sent this over to me and I just have to share with you guys! 

The wonderful people who brought us Crocs have decided to become shoe designers. Yep... they've launched a "fashion" line called YOU by crocs. According to this article in the Wall Street Journal, they launched it a year ago, but this is the first I've heard of it.

Now I'd be lying if I said they were all hideous.  There are a couple of styles that I wouldn't kick out of bed, but still- crocs??? I just can't support them! I am surprised to see that they did an ok job. But then again, I am looking at their spring/summer collection which consists mostly of flat sandals and wedges, which aren't the hardest things to design. 

I don't know. I hate comfort brands in general, especially designs by Taryn Rose which are SO ugly and are at a high end design price point. I mean, comfort at a low price I get. But $400+ on a shoe that looks like an orthopedic shoe with a mid-heel? No thanks.

I'm going to stick with a NO for this new brand, but that's just for me. I won't judge those who decide to wear them. I will however, continue to judge those of you who wear crocs... especially those who wear crocs with socks... although I'd like to think that none of MY readers would be caught dead in them. ;)


Maybe I Spoke Too Soon?

Ok so I'm kind of pissed off right now. As part of my new "buying cheaper shoes" experiment I was browsing Steve Madden's online store when I saw these. WTF? Direct knockoff of the Balenciaga boots... which I own thank-you-very-much Mr. Steve "I've served time in prison" Madden!!!

I'm sorry, I mean, getting a knockoff that looks almost as good as the real thing for like, a thousand dollars less is amazing- but it RUINS it for those with the real thing!! It's like, what's the point of having the real thing!? Obviously the Balenciaga boots have amazing details and hardware compared to this one, but still.  

What do you guys think? Knockoff handbags are tacky as hell- unless of course you get a REALLY good one. Is it the same for shoes? Where do we draw the line?

Turning Over a New Leaf...

So, I've decided that in order to be a better wife through these difficult financial times, I should get over myself and take a peek at what's out there BESIDES overpriced designer shoes. I looked at many sites for the first time ever, including Nine West (where I made my first ever purchase!) and ALDO. Now, don't get me wrong... I still lust after my designer favorites, it's just that these are so much more practical! 

I can't believe I'm writing this, but it's true. So check out this super cute wedge that I found at ALDO. ON SALE even. Crazy! A cute shoe under $100?? True story. These wedges are a recession friendly $79.98. How could hubby get mad at that? ;)


New Layout...

You guys like?? Ben made me a new header and a new background but I can't for the life of me figure out how to change the freaking background!!! So annoying.
Anybody have any tips for me? 

Thanks! ;)


Fit Flops???

"When the FitFlop launched in London in 2007 it became an instant hit and sold 18,000 pairs in three days. These sporty go-anywhere sandals - the brainchild of Bliss founder Marcia Kilgore and Dr. Dave Cook - are engineered to tone and trim your legs as you walk. Described as 'a flip flop with a built in gym,' fans of the innovative fitness footwear include Hollywood style-setter Mischa Barton." -net a porter

So what do YOU think about this "fit" footwear? Would you wear them if they really helped tone your legs??


I Can't Believe I'm Doing This...

Remember those Balenciaga wedges we saw celebs rockin on red carpets? Well............... I found a pretty good knockoff at an unexpected place. I can't even believe I'm going to say this, but check out the Nine West version! I personally have never owned a pair of Nine West shoes, so this will be my first. They're only $89 too!!! Can't beat that ;)

They're backordered because the demand is so high. I believe it, these shoes are seriously cute and SO close to the original. Yippee!


Another One Bites the Dust...

Ok, one more bad shoe and then we'll get positive again. I've seen this shoe while out shopping and I just don't get it. I understand that designers are doing different and interesting things with heels, but this is just stupid. It looks weird and seems like it would be really uncomfortable! I'm ok with uncomfortable shoes in he form of high heels... I mean, I almost expect it- but in a one inch heel? No bueno. Especially from Jil Sander who I usually love. 


Don't Make the Indian Cry...

Why would you spend $550 or even $450 on a hideous shoe? It doesn't make sense, but those are the price tags. Seriously.

It makes me sad to see a designer brand making such yucky shoes. Both of these beasts come to you from "designer" Robert Clergerie. Thumbs down dude. Thumbs down.


Sexy Python Peep Toes

No, I don't ONLY like Christian Louboutin... it's not my fault that he's so damn good at making sexy shoes. Example? These hot-like-fire super sexy python skin peep toes. You can't buy python in California, (it's illegal to sell any python products in CA) but you can buy them online at Brown's of London

Don't even ask 'cause NO... I won't be buying them. I'll stick them on my wish list to never be fulfilled. If I couldn't afford those cork babies, I surely can't afford these. At a whopping $1,300 I'll have to pass, but for some lucky ladies this shoe will be a great addition to their shoe closet. 

I love how there are hints of pink with the gold. Pink and gold are such a pretty and girly combination. I love the mix of girly and sexy. It's very Lolita, don't you think? They also seem kind of retro Hollywood chic. I could see these on a blonde starlet with fire engine red lips wearing a long cream dress and a pink mink stole on the red carpet. Yes, I am mental.

Anyway, these sweet little girls put a smile on my face so I figured I'd share. I'm sure they'll be dancing around in my dreams like sticky sweet sugarplums. *sigh*


Shoe Dilemma...

Ok people, I need your help!! There's a shoe devil afoot!

I bought these amazing shoes that I just can not afford right now. They're kind of a rip off to be honest. Even for Louboutin. If you haven't seen them already, (check 'um out here) they are a super high florescent pink heel and double platform with a cork upper. 
Now I've never been a huge fan of cork uppers before, but this one is just perfect. Super sexy and fun.

Now the dilemma. They just arrived at my doorstep from the nice people at FedEx. Do I keep them and suffer the financial kick in the ass... or do I do the "right thing" and return them?

Of all the addictions on Earth, WHY must I suffer from such an expensive one? I mean, according to Whitney Houston... crack is cheap. Maybe I'll look into it. I hear it does wonders for your figure.


Tacky? Fabulous? A Little of Both?

So, I always have mixed feelings about bold logo stuff. It seems like, I dunno... almost an overstatement. Like, LOOK! I'm wearing Chanel! Am I cool now!? 

Ok ok, I know I'm a hypocrite because I'm not even going to pretend like I buy those Christian Louboutins for any reason other than the red sole. If it were the shape I was after I'd have gotten the Steve Madden knockoff, right? ;)

But I digress. I do think there is a difference between logo shoes and distinctive shoes. Most logo shoes look tacky to me but for some reason- I love this one. Maybe it's that it is so tacky that it goes back to fabulous? I dunno. It obviously screams Chanel but I think its in a bitchy, sassy way thats a fun play on fashion. What do you guys think?? Come on people, I'm ready for some comments. I'm not writing this blog for myself you know...


Weak Sauce.

So I was at Neiman Marcus the other day when I saw these shoes. If you saw the runway pictures (right) you'll recognize these as a dumbed down version of their runway gladiator sandal. 

Ok, I get it. Designers do this all the time, usually because the runway version is too extreme. I think they did a pretty good job of interpreting the sandal for the masses... BUT... this shoe is over $2,000!!! WTF? How lame is that? Sure there are a lot of details, but two grand? Weak sauce. 

If I'm paying two grand on a shoe, it better make me breakfast or something. Pshhh.


For Those Who Haven't Heard...

The man himself will be at Barney's in Beverly Hills this Wednesday!!! 

If you haven't met him yet, I highly recommend it. He's super sweet and will either sign your shoes or if you ask really nicely, make a one of a kind drawing on your shoe box!! I have one he did for me a couple of years ago framed and hung up in my office. It's super amazing.

Anyway- go meet him. You'll be glad you did. ;)
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