Stop and Smell the Floral!

Funky? Yes.
Sweet? Yes. 
Hard to wear? Maybe. 
A must have shoe for Spring? Totally!

I am loving this floral shoe by Dries Van Noten. I love these kind of statement shoes. Worn with a simple outfit, these shoes would make any spring day brighter. I've always been a fan of Dries Van Noten. Their shoes as of late have been right on target! This shoe is no different. With all the florals I've seen from all the designers from Prada to Gucci, I think it's safe to say that this is a big trend for Spring. I think going with a cute floral print shoe is an easy way to do it without over doing it. 
It's hard to find though. I've seen it in just about every March fashion magazine, but only one place to buy it online. Browns of London has them for 300 pounds, which is what? Like $600 US? 
Well, hopefully you are all on the same page as me when it comes to this shoe. I think some people might think it borders tacky, what with the mixing of prints... but I think they got it just right. :)


Sale Alert!!!

Check this out! It's not often you can get your feet into a sexy pair of Louboutin's for under $500, let alone under $200!!! Well, here's your chance! I found these little gems (on sale so I'm sure they'll go quick!) on net-a-porter.com, just in time for Spring! I have a pair in all black and I can not believe the compliments I get on them. Seriously, these are some sexy wedges. My advice? Scoop up these red lacquered babies before they're gone!! ;)
Here's a direct link to your new Christian Louboutin espadrilles! Let me know how you like um. 


Perfectly Sassy...

O-M-G is all I can say about these delicious pieces of heaven from Nicholas Kirkwood. How sexy are these babies!? haha. I love the sassy angled platform, and I'm always a fan of mixed materials like the suede and lizard combo on this shoe. And pink? Seriously? I am a BIG fan of pink, especially on the rare occasion that someone gets it right. 

I love what's happening with color right now. We're seeing a lot of neons paired with neutrals. I love that kick of color! It's so cool and unexpected. How cute would these shoes look on your sun kissed gams if you paired them with some cute little white shorts? Ugh- hurry up and get here Spring!!!

I've got to go find me some lemonaid, but I just wanted to share another one of my favorite shoes this season. Love them? Hate them? What do YOU think? Either way, you can find them at Brown's of London for about $800


I love this shoe!

Ok, so I realize that we've all seen this shoe already, but I just cant get over it. I honestly didn't think too much about it until I went to dinner with a friend of mine and she was rocking them in red. Ever since, they've been floating around in my dreams. Taunting me. I was hoping the Easter bunny would drop them off in a basket for me, but... no dice. They are my idea of the perfect sexy spring/summer sandal. They look daringly high, but with a big platform in front, they are surprisingly comforable! I have the Fall '07 pump version and I swear to you I could wear them all night long. Anyway, I just wanted to talk about a shoe I love since the last two posts were negative. ;) 

These shoes are $780 and you can find them here: Barney's


I don't get it...

Can someone please explain to me the reason for all the hype around this season's "most desirable shoe"?? I don't get it. It's way over priced, even for YSL, and its just not that cute. This shoe is sold out all over the country, and I can't for the life of me figure out why. To me it looks like a shoe that came to us in a time machine from 1999... like, I would have worn these to my senior prom. They are really kind of tacky. And I don't mean in that sexy tacky/prostitute Versace way. I mean tacky like, Cathy Jean or Nine West tacky. Yech.
Another reason I don't get this shoe is because of the way your toes look in it. That is just way too much toe for me. They're all spread out and yucky. Nobody wants their feel to look like Paris Hilton's! The foot shaped front of the shoe is just another yuck feature that pushes it over the edge. Maybe it would be cuter without?  I'm not sure why the far right picture has a girl wearing them with nylons. Who wears nylons with open-toed shoes??? But that's a whole 'nother Oprah. 
Anyway, if someone could please tell me why I should like these, I would appreciate it. Until then, I will sit here dumbfounded.


Kill me now. Please.

The two most disgusting forms of footwear had a love child. Allow me to rant for a second...
What the EFF are you people thinking? Do you have that much distain for those around you that you just decide one day, "You know... screw it, I'm going to wear what's comfortable, no matter how shitteous I look."?
Seriously!!! There are comfortable shoes that don't make you look like you are working in a kitchen or training polar bears. WTF people? The fact that crocs are doing so well makes me sick. The saddest and most egregious offense is when people put crocs on their CHILDREN!!! The poor kids have no choice in the matter. What are we teaching the next generation?? We have a responsibility people! JESUS!
Anyway, without further delay, here is the most disgusting "shoe" in the history of man kind. The Crugg.

...I am going to my room to mourn the death of integrity in footwear.


The first blog

... and I'm still not sure where to go with this. I have so much to say about shoes. Shoes are all I think about all day long. I'm going to have to sit with this and figure out how I want to do this. I'd hate to sit here and type about a mish mash of crap that just confuses people. (like maybe how I'm doing right now...?)
ANYWAY, what I have now is my shoe of the week. This week it is the much discussed shoe by Marc Jacobs. If you google "marc jacobs weird shoe" this shoe comes up. I however, think it's pretty cool. This is the runway version in the picture... I bought the all over black patent leather one without that weird loopy thing on it, and I (unlike my husband) think its super cool and sexy!
What do YOU think??? 

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