She Screams Sexy!

Check out THIS shoe! She's S-E-X-Y, sexy! I love the oversized covered stud around the ankle. Sure, it's a little reminiscent of an alcohol monitoring system, but those are cool now, right? I mean all those rad celebs are wearing them, right. Haha. Anyway, seriously. This shoe is hot. Super high, super sexy slick patent leather. It also comes in nude, which is what I got... but that's only for us super sluts. ;)

Give me a sky high sexy shoe and I'm happy. And this is just that. You can find her at Nordstrom online for $270.


d said...

oooh, I likey! And affordable too! Can't beat it!

Rosalind said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! cudos!

Laurie said...

I absolutely love this shoes! It is super sexy! IF you like sky heels with major sex appeal you should check out the Fillmore heel by Report Signature. This shoe has a 5 inch heel with a platform on the base...SEXY!! I have the Fillmore and call it my bedroom shoe! ;)

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