I love this shoe!

Ok, so I realize that we've all seen this shoe already, but I just cant get over it. I honestly didn't think too much about it until I went to dinner with a friend of mine and she was rocking them in red. Ever since, they've been floating around in my dreams. Taunting me. I was hoping the Easter bunny would drop them off in a basket for me, but... no dice. They are my idea of the perfect sexy spring/summer sandal. They look daringly high, but with a big platform in front, they are surprisingly comforable! I have the Fall '07 pump version and I swear to you I could wear them all night long. Anyway, I just wanted to talk about a shoe I love since the last two posts were negative. ;) 

These shoes are $780 and you can find them here: Barney's


christie walker said...

Wow!! I heart these

TheShoeGirl said...

me too! they're sooooo expensive though :(

WendyB said...

Those are beautiful.

benjamin said...

these look hot. i gotta give it to platforms they allow a higher shoe w/o killing the wearer so much.

seriously girls, thank you for wearing heels... we like it when girls dress like girls.

nice shoe babyface.

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